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public password experiments
October 29, 2014, 6:40 pm
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i also had a twitter account with a public password for over a year. the tagline was pw:publicdomain and i invited people to use it. people retweeted their events. people logged in to follow themselves. some posted strange things. but in general it wasn’t actually used that much. eventually i got bored and just deleted the whole account.

but both for the facebook and the twitter accounts it was a mix of me and not me. but not always clear who. i did enjoy it for a while. much more interesting than just me.

i bought a car
May 21, 2013, 12:55 am
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it cost money to buy, register and now it costs money to drive me around.
so far so good. here is the cost spreadsheet. so far it’s about 21 MPG and about $0.20 per mile.

look how happy i am to be a member of the modern world with my speedy exoskeleton, transporting me at speeds where i don’t experience any of the slow smells, sights, and sounds of the wonderful landscape. remember, faster is better. get there quick and then wait. this is progress!
my isuzu, GBG6345 (new york state)

make a clay oven (aka cob oven, mud oven, earth oven)
October 17, 2012, 3:45 pm
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are you thinking about making one of these things? yes do it! it’s fun and generally very forgiving.


the oven: clay, sand, straw, fire bricks, tarp(for mixing the clay and sand)

the stand for the oven(plinth): one layer of something heat resistant like brick or sand. then some wood or stone to raise the oven to an appropriate level.

a roof is nice but not required.


clay oven build at monkshood nursery in stuyvesant ny made possible by cullen corley, severine fleming, david rowley, alise, leonora, hallie, santiago, cole, tusha, mariliana, and more i am certainly forgetting.


lots of other good examples online. look here for inspiration (https://www.google.com/search?q=clay+oven&tbm=isch)

here is cullen‘s timelapse of the build

key figures to remember :
1 part clay, 3 parts sand.
door opening is 60% of inside oven height.

i don’t think we were very exact in either of these and it worked out fine.

definitely go for it. it makes great pizza and bread and roasted vegetables and kale chips.

here are some more pictures…. Continue reading

18 months of timelapse movies, and raising money for another 6 on the farm…

mirrors on brinno doodle
I carried a small timelapse camera that looks like a shampoo bottle around for a little more than 18 months. Each day became a ~3minute timelapse movie. About 300x normal speed. Five minutes of life becomes about 1 second of movie.
Each month is about 90 minutes of footage. I put together six months into a single film that has six panels laid out like this.
Here’s a sample from the first six month movie:

So I have now made 3 compilation movies. Each movie is about 90 minutes long and covers six months of my timelapse movies. From Mid 2009 to Jan 2011. To me, they are something like fishbowl or fireplace movies. A texture or pattern of life. Is there a narrative?

And here is timelapse version of the third episode compressed into 3 1/2 minutes.

All the individual movies and the compilation movies are public domain so you are free to reuse as you please.

But maybe you want a copy of the full lengths on DVD? I am happy to put them together for you with some custom art and mail it to you.

What did i take away from all these movies? I think mostly it made me think about plants and slowness. After all this time filming myself I figured it was time to spend some time filming something shared like our food supply so I am working with a couple small Boston area (Concord) farms to create a public domain movie about the 6 month growing season. Roughly late April to late September. $99 and you will get some timelapse movies, some handdrawn art and the bonus of helping fund a public domain movie about food.

a trip to the emergency room in massachusetts
April 13, 2011, 9:18 pm
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For most of the last 5 years, I have had no insurance or catastrophic coverage only ($10,000 deductible) so I haven’t been to the hospital in a while. In November, I started getting real insurance from my part time employment with HStar Technologies.

Woke up with a wicked fever about 4 in the morning sometime last December and decided to give the hospital a try. Took a cab (Thanks e.w.) to the nearby Mt. Auburn Hospital. The staff was really nice. Got an IV of some fluids, some ibuprofen and nice words. They ran some tests, nothing major. Sent me home. On my way out I asked the desk person how much it would be. They had no idea what the cost was and told me I would get a bill. I was required to pay the $100 copay before I left.

A series of documents began to arrive over the next month or so. Multiple non-bills and multiple bills. All said and done, the trip cost ~$1400, of which I paid ~$460.
My monthly insurance premium is about $350 (of which I pay half being a part time employee.)
I’ll leave the rest of the math to you. Insurance in Massachusetts is required by law.

You can click on any of the documents to get a higher res version through the flickr page.

The documents:
: Continue reading

do i need a narrative pyramid?
January 11, 2011, 9:07 pm
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narrative, consumption doodle

all of these pieces of media i consume, they all have a story associated. a narrative. they contain information about how a series of events leads to a particular conclusion. depending on what type of stories i consume, then my mind is likely to interpret my own options and choices in the world differently.

for food, i can understand that i am what i eat. imw uti eat. imwutieet. when choosing what food to consume i might be guided by the food pyramid (or 40-30-30, local food, etc). basic carbohydrates at the bottom, fruit and veggies just above, meat and dairy after that and finally fats and oils. if i eat too much of the stuff at the top i will become unbalanced, unstable. a lopsided pyramid.

so what about the media i consume? how would i categorize or break down the different common narratives? what is the carbs? what is protein, fiber, fat? my first guess would be that hero narratives are fatty and i(and the rest of the west) have consumed a few too many of these. what should be the basic narrative, the bottom of the pyramid? something like “hard work pays off” or “clear goals and small steps”? or “just be”?

some of what i eat passes through me. some becomes fuel, some becomes muscle, bone, etc. what do the stories become? and how do i feel about my current diet?

Zeitgeist NYC Panel discussion, Tuesday, 19 October, 7pm
October 18, 2010, 5:56 pm
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The Future of the Human/Machine Interface
Tuesday, October 19th, 7-9 pm
Hive at 55, 55 Broad Street, 13F, NY NY 10004
Panelists: Irwin Chen, Jill Nussbaum, Dan Paluska, Ian Spalter
Presented by Zeitgeist NYC and Hive at 55, Lower Manhattan’s coworking space.
Suggested donation: a measly $5. Facebook RSVP

I’m taking part in a panel discussion this Tuesday. I will discuss my transition from midwestern youth to robotic creator to street videobooth proprietor and give my take on “the future”.

timelapse from the day, includes layered audio from the event. jump to 1:30:

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piecing together a narrative for service employment… the anxious prop #3
October 5, 2010, 9:37 pm
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the artist as service employee page 1
service employee page 2
produced for and published in the 3rd issue of
http://www.theanxiousprop.org/. A fine artist cooperative publication and event from Berlin. Thanks to Luis for inviting and including me.

i backdated this post because the publication was a few months ago and i just got around to the post…

broadcaster project and brooklynmobile
September 1, 2010, 11:56 pm
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some recent movies for brooklyn mobile.

rocketboom nyc

new people productions


and see these videos and videobooths from a school in germany.

a 14m compilation of Episode 4 of the brooklyners:

http://brooklynmobile.blip.tv has several longer compilations that make it easy to watch a bunch of videos in a row.

snips and layers
July 17, 2010, 4:30 am
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So much information, how can you get through it all?

Snips (26x)

Layers (26x)

And 3-5 friends hanging out and talking with each other.
Snips (42x)

Layers (42x)

Script files:
Install Sox, FFMPEG, imagemagick.
layer audio script
timelapse audio script
snips and layers video frames
chmod 755 *.sh

Other links to check for more info on scripts and other necessary installs: