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Have you ever tried to sell a diamond?
February 6, 2009, 2:58 am
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And other stories from advertising…

Did you know that the cultural idea of a diamond engagement ring was created by an advertising agency hired by DeBeers? And did you know that diamonds are not really worth that much? And “Diamonds are forever” is simply just another advertising slogan? This article from The Atlantic Monthly tells the story nicely.

But how come that story came out in 1982 and diamonds are just as popular now?
Even now, people who complain about diamonds usually focus on the “blood diamond” aspect but seem to ignore the fact that the entire market for diamonds is an artificial creation of marketing…

But how can advertising turn good?
Here’s a great article from the NYTimes about a non-profit in Africa using an ad agency to help get people to wash their hands. The ad agency helped create an “emotion” that would help people remember to wash their hands after going to the bathroom.

It’s a little bit frightening to think of all the good we could do with the advertising community.

And what about lennon/ono war is over ad campaign? They placed ads all over the world in major cities. They took the techniques of advertising applied to the fight against war. “You’ve gotta sell, sell, sell. Till the housewife thinks there are two products, peace and war. Choose peace.”


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