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One minute a day, awareness and public speaking
February 6, 2009, 5:16 pm
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1 screenshot every 16 seconds.This compresses eight hours into 1 minute.

Working on a new project about self awareness. Lately I had started using Rescuetime in an effort to better track my computer usage and keep me more productive and less likely to waste time on my computer. It didn’t really work the way I hoped. So here is the new plan. Record and post timelapse movies of my computer usage every day. Public disclosure.

Do you know this feeling when you say something in front of other people you’ve been thinking about for a while, then you really hear it for the first time? I’m hoping this is a similar effect.

There’s a short pause in the middle where I think my laptop was closed and it was still snapping pictures.


finally wrote a shell script that does this. here is google doc.

More videos @

my flickr set http://www.flickr.com/photos/sixmilliondollardan/sets/72157613871663056/

daily videos on specific OMPD youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/danpaluska


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nice article…thanks

Comment by Minty

[…] could take to build up to total openness? What would be the name for such an experiment? I think one minute per day is a small step in this […]

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have you thought about adding music?

Comment by intelligentbias

i have thought of adding sound or music. i just haven’t actually implemented anything yet.
a couple things i was thinking about-

1. random ambient music.
2. take short microphone snippets when i take screenshots.
3. take a 1 minute recording at the beginning of each day where i say what i would like to accomplish that day.

in terms of what i might actually implement i have to consider
1. is it automatic? or does it require work from me?
2. is it relevant to the selfawareness information? or just dressing? maybe dressing is okay if it makes it easier to watch the visuals?

in the long run, i think audio is important addition. tbc…

Comment by danielpaluska

[…] What is next? Well, there is no telling for sure but we can certainly try to celebrate and document those who are sharing right now. How are they making money? How are they adding value? Is it sustainable growth? How do we share more information? […]

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This is a neat idea. Thanks!

Comment by wojtnor

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