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With no intellectual property, is everyone a chef?
February 13, 2009, 3:19 pm
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dessert of the future

We have had intellectual property driven into our conscious so much in western society, most people don’t even understand that there are other options. People say, “No IP/open-source/etc is cool but how do i get paid? How does anyone make money?” Well, there are a lot of people out there already who work in industries that are not dominated by copyrights or patents and they make plenty of money. Restaurants are a great example.

If you’re a chef, you get paid for the work you do. Once you’ve done it, then it’s over. Why can’t other industries work that way? With no intellectual property, everyone is a chef. When you visit a restaurant, the chef is hired to make you a meal and you eat the meal. Then you leave the restaurant with your stomach full and the chef must serve another customer. In addition, the chef can’t go around making meals before someone orders and expect to get paid for it. But, maybe the chef will make a banquet and invite people for free in order to attract people to his cooking skills. Then they can pay him to make food in the future. You can see these things happening in the music industry where sales of copyrighted recordings have plummeted (because information is free) and musicians have to put more of their resources into live shows and alternate income models.

Maybe in the near future, you will create information because someone hires you to or maybe you will do it because you want to. But then it will be over. The meal will be done. You won’t expect to keep getting paid for that meal. You will have to serve additional customers. You can’t expect to collect money from a meal you already served, can you?


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