Dan Paluska

the paradox of internet urgency
February 25, 2009, 9:09 pm
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do you ever get that feeling that you NEED to log on to check your email, or to check the news, or to check your facebook status updates?

on the internet, doesn’t everything last forever?
isn’t it impossible to totally delete anything?
so why does it always seem so important to check it?


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the information may last forever, but the relevance fades almost instantaneously. if you don’t catch it as it’s created, then it becomes almost a burden, since you then have to get it out of the cache to make way for the ever increasing onslaught of new information.

this is another reason i don’t like facebook: so much of the information on it is so transient and ephemeral. i want more meaningful information, not more meaningless information.

Comment by jamie

are these contradictory? if the information is meaningful, won’t it still be accessible in a week?
do you really think relevance fades that fast? isn’t it better to let things be filtered by a few days?

Comment by danielpaluska

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