Dan Paluska

Nature says legalize it…
March 4, 2009, 6:45 pm
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Take a break, take a puff.

Take a break, take a puff.


Marijuana cigarettes were administered in a double-blind fashion and the sequence of Delta9-THC concentration order was balanced across participants. Although marijuana significantly increased the number of premature responses and the time participants required to complete several tasks, it had no effect on accuracy on measures of cognitive flexibility, mental calculation, and reasoning. Additionally, heart rate and several subjective-effect ratings (e.g., “Good Drug Effect,” “High,” “Mellow”) were significantly increased in a Delta9-THC concentration-dependent manner. These data demonstrate that acute marijuana smoking produced minimal effects on complex cognitive task performance in experienced marijuana users.

Keywords: MicroCog; Marijuana; Cannabis; THC; Cognition; Human; Performance

When will our laws match our realities? When will our prisons be empty? Or when will scientists stop trying to feed us lies? Maybe we should lock them all up as well? Or wait, how do we get to volunteer for such a study?


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