Dan Paluska

the free market and the informational commons
June 8, 2009, 5:09 pm
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the free market and the informational commons

more on the ying and yang between capitalism and communism, the market and the commons, mutation and replication, etc.

where do we have something like a real free market in action today? the economy as a whole of any nation doesn’t really fit this mold but there are a few areas where a small market is very free. Youtube is an example. Anyone can upload, anyone can make it to the top. You can get a takedown notice so it’s not totally free. But lots of people make a living because of having a channel on youtube. How many is another question….

Linux is another example. Anyone can get it. Anyone can modify. Anyone can redistribute. It can be big or small, easy to use or really hard. Plenty of independent people can make their living off of this common resource.

Pizza, bicycles, the english language, and lots of other examples of common cultural knowledge that allows an individual to create a store of some sort. To take part in commerce on a small and independent scale.

This is as opposed to something owned like Coke or Pepsi. Plenty of people also make money off of Coke and Pepsi but a cut always goes back to the company, whereas in the above examples, there is no cut going back to a company.

Will we someday live in a world with no residuals on information? I currently believe this would be a major advantage to individuals, sustainability, the stability of the economy, etc. What would make me change my mind?


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