Dan Paluska


It’s my sincere belief that pretty much everything in the western world is a pyramid scheme, designed to push stuff to those at the top. Not that the ones at the top don’t change from time to time, but technology(especially the internet) does not make things flatter. Know siri bob.

Fruit trees are something else. I go up to a fruit tree and I find a tasty piece of food in a convenient biodegradable package. I enjoy this tasty treat for free and then toss the wrapper and possibly a core on the ground. Or maybe the seeds pass through me or another animal. There’s a chance some of those seeds might end up in the ground again. Take some care, find the write spot, have some patience, and… lookie here! Another fruit tree making more treats! Holy moley!!! That is some high tech wizardy. Clearly I have a lot to learn. I am thankful for that.


3 Page Art Oriented CV.


Plebian Design Project Employee

Hypersonic Engineering and Design Project Employee

Hstar Robotics (Engineering Consultant)

Stone Soup Institute Former student, occasional hobo-in-residence and collaborator.

Robot Locomotion Group at MIT CSAIL (Artist not-in Residence)

I look like this.


Dan Paluska
12 dunning st, #a
brunswick me 04011

danjo dot melk at runbox



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Hey Dan,

I like your blog and your doodles. I am currently at MIT (Sloan) working on a project that helps people discover and enjoy art, digitally. I would love to talk to you about it sometime.



Comment by Kim

wanted to say thank you for posting all this. my favorite things on here are 1. the doodles 2. the photo of the salami on bread, is that peanut butter under the meat? and if so ?? 3. the videos section

Comment by k.s.

yes peanut butter under there!

Comment by t he ans weri saque stion?

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