Dan Paluska


i make a lot of doodles. its part meditation, part problem solving. i like the simplicity of pen and paper. doodles are a regular process exercise and i do my best to not edit them but simply keep the pen moving forward. observe more and judge less. celebrate the small. invent a small constraint, break a small constraint.

i like the analogy to cloud watching. what can i see in these shapes and partially formed ideas? can i play tricks on the pattern recognizing parts of my brain to help me broaden my vision?

Here is a slideshow of my flickr set:
Vodpod videos no longer available.

some samples.
outlines of a small business card: (bargain basement surrealism?)
red moo card outlines
on galileo:
galileo doodle

simple patterns:
scallop doodle

project ideas:
timelapse public memory wall doodle

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I love them but I wish they were here.

Comment by Eva Wisten

Dpaluska, a request,,, can you post more doodles thanks :) i checked the flickr set yesterday and a few weeks ago and it looks like those are the same ones there. :)

Comment by JT

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