Dan Paluska

Eyebeam artist residency application
May 12, 2009, 3:29 pm
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It is that time of year again. I am applying for the artist residency program at Eyebeam atelier in New York City (this will be my third try, persistence is important!). It’s a great program so if you’re an artist in the NYC area, I recommend checking it out and applying for it if you are into open source and the like. Here is the info about the residency->


Currently I am focusing on the idea of freeing up private corporate information streams. I’m expanding on and trying to formalize some of the ideas discussed in this post->


My application in process is a google doc. Of course, in the spirit of openness, here it is. Suggestions welcome! It is due this Friday the 15th.


Questions I am trying to keep in mind while writing:

Are the ideas good? Are the ideas well presented? Am I selling myself appropriately? The character count limits are quite short so keep that in mind when giving comments.  Thanks!