Dan Paluska

How do you add value by giving stuff away? Edlab Residency
from the halls of knowledge to the world...

they look happy to be let out...

This Monday, I am starting a two month residency at Columbia Teacher’s College and their EdLab.
This is my statement of work and deliverables as snipped from the contract:

“How do you add value through sharing?,” will explore and develop new communication channels with the goal of identifying realizable steps that libraries can take toward providing free and open access to information. Relevant research will include the practical limitations of copyright laws and university policies and interviews with members of the Teachers College community. Your project will consist of experiments that will enhance our understanding of data flow and access to information in both the virtual and physical world. We are particularly interested in your solutions for the development and execution of realizable steps that libraries can take toward increasing access to their holdings. The resulting investigations and findings will be displayed physically in Gottesman Libraries, as well as online. You will document the project’s development process and outcomes online.

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